CHG Project


  • Currently Optioned to JM Capital II Corp. (40% CRB – 60% JM Capital)
  • The primary target for this exploration is carbonate hosted gold (CHG) modeled on a number of gold deposits including the deposits of Carlin Nevada and the high grade Muddy Lake deposit located in northern BC.
  • Regional stream sediment sampling carried out by Cariboo Rose in 2004 led to the discovery of anomalous gold values from a series of streams outlining an 8 kilometer long target area.
  • Early Stage project that is poised for discovery.


Extensive clear-cut logging has occurred recently on the project claims due to the pine beetle infestation and has provided greatly improved access and new rock exposure.


CHG is currently optioned to JM Capital II Corp. (40% CRB – 60% JM Capital)

Technical Documents

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