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as of Jul 4, 2017
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Miller, Thomson LLP


Hay & Watson


J. W. Morton, P.Geo., Pres.
G. L. Garratt, P.Geo., VP
D. D. Sharp, CA, VP
A. Scott, P.Geo.

Adjusted Cost Base Notes

Cariboo Rose shareholders received approximately 0.70 shares of Consolidated Woodjam Copper Copper Corp. (“Woodjam Copper”) for each Cariboo Rose share held as of the close of November 25, 2011. Shareholders should reduce the Adjusted Cost Base (“ACB”) of Cariboo Rose shares by an amount which should then be recorded as the acquisition cost of the Woodjam Copper shares. Management of Cariboo Rose has calculated that the ACB of each post-spin-out common share of Cariboo Rose should be reduced to 27.2% of its pre-spin-out ACB and that 72.8% of the ACB of each pre-spin-out common share of Cariboo Rose should be recorded as the acquisition cost of each Woodjam Copper share. This fair value ACB adjustment calculation is based on the relative Cariboo Rose and Woodjam Copper closing share prices for the five trading days from December 2, 2011 to December 8 2011. No such determination of fair value by Cariboo Rose is binding on the Canadian tax authorities. This notice only applies to shareholders of Cariboo Rose who received Woodjam Copper shares as part of the spin-out.

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